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Friday, July 11, 2008


Hello everyone,
Hope your having a good day so far. I was surfing the net last night and found an interesting program for scollers. It's called coyote stencil, and it seems to be very nice for a $90.00 program. It says you can take a digital picture and make it a fret pattern. Also you can make it a intarsia pattern. Check this link out if your interested and if there is anyone reading today that has this program, could you give the rest of us some input on it.
Coyote Stencil Shop Woodcrafting Software: CD & MANUAL

Have a good one!!!

1 comment:

Larry Marshall said...

Hi Dean,

Found your blog from your post on AFSP and have enjoyed looking at your work, which is wonderful.

Per your question about selling, I say "just do it" and don't even see it as a job.

I got into selling miniature furniture and turnings when I was learning how to use a lathe and asked some questions in a miniature forum, showing some of my turnings as examples. Next thing I knew I had to put up a website to sell and deflect the flood of queries about my turnings. It just happened; I certainly didn't plan it :-)

Cheers --- Larry