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Sunday, June 22, 2008

My first words for my blog

Hello fellow woodworkers and welcome to my site. I have to first give a thanks out to Steve Good who gave me the inspiration to even start a blog. If it wasn't for him and his great website I may not have known all about blogging. Also Steve is a very good scrollsaw artist who really likes to help out when he can by posting great videos on how to use coral draw to design projects and videos on how he goes about doing his projects. Of course the best thing about Steve is he lets you use all his patterns for free. I list Steve on my favorite sites at scrollsawworkshop. Please visit his site, you will not be disappointed.

I also have to give thanks to some great Intarsia artists out there who has inspired me to actually do some projects. Judy Gale Roberts is the master along with her husband Jerry Booher. Together they have some great videos on how to get started, along with some great patterns.

Kathy Wise who is also a great artist in her own right, has some great patterns also. Her jaguar jungle mural is breath taking. Please check that out, you'll be in awe.

Lucille Crabtree was the first book I read about Intarsia called "Basic Intarsia" and that's where I got the pattern of the bear that is pictured on the blog. The bear is my first project completed and it's hanging on my grandson's room.

Garnet Hall is another Intarsia artist that resides in our great neighboring country Canada. He also is very good and he now has 3 books out. Get a chance to check them out, you will not be disappointed. He has some good beginner patterns to get you started.

Thanks to all these people for the inspiring work they do!!

I also like to do small projects for people, like as of this writing, I'm building a bird cage stand for a young woman in the neighborhood. I will put pictures up as soon as I figure out how this site works.

Some day I would like to work with wood full time as my own boss. I get a lot of people telling me it's impossible to get going in this art. I can see it being difficult, but not impossible. I'm going to keep plugging away at it and I hope with this blog, I will meet new friends who are in the business and willing to exchange ideas and a little business savvy to us beginners.

Please stop by often and tell your woodworking friends about my site. Hope to talk to ya soon.


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